A Good Day

Me: Today is going to be a good day.

Nell: Any particular reason why?

Me: Tony came to see us and Dave’s tummy ache went away immediately.

Nell: Of course it did. A cuddle with Tony always helps.

Me: I was just saying to Kev that cuddles have become hugely important since the pandemic.

Nell: Yes, they have.

Me: And I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say you dogs and cats have saved many people’s lives.

Nell: Did you just say cats?

Me: Yes, all animals. Stroking an alpaca is a lovely thing to do. You should try it. I know Alejandro would be happy to oblige.

Nell: I’m sorry to disappoint you but stroking alpacas is not on my agenda this morning. And I wouldn’t advise trying to cuddle The Cat. It’s up to its eyes in false teeth and fake blood.

Me: What a horrible thought.

Nell: Someone has to organise the Halloween costumes.

Me: I hear Poppy is going as Count Dracula.

Nell: Yes, with Stephen Seagull as a raven. He’s having his feathers dyed as we speak.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Now, don’t be shocked if Kev appears as a werewolf.

Me: I’ll try not to be.

Nell: And Henry and Horst in fur suits.

Me: Are they going as caterpillars?

Nell: No. As his eyebrows.

Me: Good idea. Although Kev’s eyebrows are quite bushy on their own. In fact when he was an actor a director once asked him for less eyebrows and he had to confess they were real.

Nell: Awkward.

Me: What about the others?

Nell: Gladys and Count Bingo Flamingo are the ringmaster and the trapeze artist from The Greatest Showman.

Me: Perfect.

Nell: It’s not a great deal different from their usual selves though, is it?

Me: I suppose not. Sorry.

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