A Fluffy Visitor

Me: Why are you looking so grumpy? Are your teeth still hurting?

Nell: They are a lot better today, thank you.

Me: So why the grumpy face?

Nell: What was that fluffy Golden Retriever doing in our front garden?

Me: That was Coco. Isn’t she gorgeous? So friendly and smiley. She lives with my brother and his family in Buckinghamshire. They popped in on their way to Cornwall.

Nell: And why were we all shut inside?

Me: We were worried you might bounce them.

Nell: Excuse me? I’m a senior Labrador recovering from an unpleasant procedure. I’m not bouncing anyone.

Me: No, but Dave and Harriet can be rather boisterous and little Mia was with them. We thought it might be too much.

Nell: It’s a sad day when one cannot even greet one’s guests.

Me: They were only staying for a cup of tea, Nell.

Nell: Were there scones?

Me: No.

Nell: That’s something, I suppose.

Me: It was really lovely to see them after all this time.

Nell: I expect it was. I wouldn’t know.

Me: You all came out to say goodbye and have some cuddles.

Nell: Coco drank out of David’s bowl.

Me: She was thirsty and hot.

Nell: Long fluffy hair will do that to an animal. Ask Gladys.

Me: Yes. I think Poppy is happier with shorter hair.

Nell: David wasn’t asked about his bowl.

Me: I’m sure he would have been fine about it.

Nell: Sharing one’s bowl is not something a Labrador does easily.

Me: Rubbish. You’re always licking each other’s bowls clean.

Nell: If you are referring to Tidy Bowls then that is something quite different.

Me: Tidy Bowls?

Nell: Yes, as I have said before, ‘A tidy bowl is a tidy mind.’

Me: Oh, I see. That explains everything. Sorry.

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