Festival Envy

Nell: I knew this was a silly idea.

Me: What are you three staring at?

Nell: I mean who in their right mind would ever allow a llama to put up a tent?

Me: Are the llamas camping?

Nell: No. They’re trying to erect a marquee. Do keep up.

Me: That’s a little ambitious.

Nell: That’s exactly what I said when Gladys suggested it. Everybody knows llamas have four left feet.

Me: Which makes their dancing skills all the more surprising.

Nell: And now they’ve got the Welsh corgi choir hammering in pegs when they should be practising their songs for tomorrow, not to mention Sunday Songs which is going to be late.

Me: What’s happening tomorrow?

Nell: It’s the Kevstival.

Me: Don’t you mean festival?

Nell: Certainly not. It’s the Kevstival to celebrate Kev.

Me: Why are we celebrating Kev?

Nell: It’s his birthday tomorrow. Good grief.

Me: I knew that but I didn’t know he was going to get a whole festival.

Nell: Are you begrudging our dear Kev a celebration?

Me: No. I expected a party but not a whole festival.

Nell: Kev is held in high regard far and wide.

Me: I never got a festival.

Nell: Exactly. I hope this isn’t Festival Envy because jealousy is a most unattractive trait.

Me: You are right. What can I do to help?

Nell: You can be on the door with Oliver and Beauregard.

Me: I’m glad it’s not just me and Oliver.

Nell: Oliver will check all visitors’ tickets, you can put a garland around their necks and Beauregard will give them the once over.

Me: I don’t think frisking is appropriate, Nell.

Nell: I’m talking about a visual appraisal. Beauregard is good at spotting troublemakers. After all, he used to be one himself.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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