Once a Thief

Me: Look at my Big Brave Beautiful Boy going undercover.

Nell: David is not undercover. He is checked into the hotel as David Martin. He is simply alert. We all are.

Me: I think Harriet’s rather enjoying it all.

Nell: Harriet is a professional.

Me; How are things?

Nell: Dreadful. All that roaring on top of everything else.

Me: What do you mean everything else? Have there been any more burglaries?

Nell: No. In fact Poppy’s sword has been found.

Me: That’s wonderful news, Nell. Poppy must be delighted.

Nell: Nobody is delighted. Oliver is completely distraught.

Me: Is Oliver the masked robber?

Nell: Of course not. Oliver’s an opossum, not a big cat.

Me: Did you just say big cat?

Nell: Yes, I’m afraid the sword was found in Beauregard’s room.

Me: What?

Nell: Lionel says he always had his suspicions and when Beauregard asked for warm milk with his dinner he knew he was on to something.

Me: This is awful.

Nell: It turns out that Beauregard is an international jewel thief.

Me: Gosh!

Nell: Lionel says Beauregard is claiming he is retired but once a thief always a thief.

Me: What does Sally think?

Nell: Sally is strangely calm about the whole thing. She says we must all remain on high alert as the thief is not working alone.

Me: Does she think Beauregard is guilty?

Nell: I can’t see how it is in doubt.

Me: Did they find The Cat’s jewels?

Nell: Not yet.

Me: But I thought Beauregard was such a nice tiger.

Nell: We all did. Oh, that’s strange.

Me: What?

Nell: A text from Sally. She wants to see me in the garden. Alone. I mustn’t tell anyone.

Me: You just told me.

Nell: Well, keep it to yourself.

Me: Bit late. Sorry.

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