Faye is Two Today

Me: I can’t believe Faye is two today. She was a baby the last time I saw her.

Nell: I’ve written a poem. Would you like to hear it?

Me: I would love to.

Nell: ‘Now gather round please

I have something to say

Today is an awfully BIG sort of day.

It’s a day for balloons

And presents and such,

Eating chocolate for breakfast

And ice cream for lunch.’

‘But what about tea?’

‘For Goodness Sake,

Spaghetti, of course

And lots of cake.’

‘Well, I’m just guessing

But if you asked me

And most of the animals

On land and at sea

I think it’s a somebody’s birthday today

And I think that the somebody

Might just be FAYE.’

‘Of course it is Faye

Who else could it be?

It’s not Dave or Harriet,

Or Poppy or me.’

‘Faye has a birthday

Can it be true?

How old is she then?’

‘I think she is two.

She can’t be three

Because Jonathan is four

And he’s her big brother

And much older I’m sure.’

‘Fayely Whaley is two?

Can it be so?

She was only one yesterday

Where did time go?’

‘Never you mind about time,

Fetch your hat,

And Malcolm and Gladys,

Knitwear Wolf and The Cat.

This is a happy and wonderful day

Where we all get to celebrate

Our dear darling Faye.

So Happy Birthday Rainbow

From all of us here,

Especially Granny and Grandpa

Who hold you so dear.

Let’s wave our paws

And kick up our hooves

And fluff up our feathers

And banish the blues.

Because Birthdays are for dancing

And happiness and fun.

Just know you are loved

So much little one.’

Me: It’s perfect. Thank you.

Nell: No tears. You will see them all again soon. Trust me.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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