Over To You

Me: Are the puppies playing Bitey Faces?

Nell: Where?

Me: Outside in the front garden.

Nell: Let me see. Oh, no that’s not Bitey Faces. They are playing another game.

Me: It can’t be a serious game as they are wagging their tails like mad.

Nell: They’re playing Over To You. You must have heard of it.

Me: Over To You?

Nell: Yes, and Poppy is adjudicating.

Me: How do you play it?

Nell: David has to take the ball carefully from Harriet’s mouth without dropping it.

Me: Isn’t that just stealing?

Nell: Certainly not. There is a great deal of skill involved.

Me: We have a game like that which we play at parties, but we use balloons and our knees, or necks.

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. Knees and necks, indeed, and balloons pop.

Me: That’s the idea. It’s hilarious. Can you play in teams?

Nell: Yes. Although not all teams stick to the rules. The llamas are particularly naughty and tend to fall over, or cartwheel, at the slightest opportunity.

Me: Dave seems to be winning.

Nell: Both he and Harriet are excellent players.

Me: I don’t suppose the smaller animals can play.

Nell: Anyone can play. You just need to choose your opponent carefully. Nobody likes to play with Poppy.

Me: Henry and Horst could play together. Not with a ball though. Well, maybe a very tiny one.

Nell: They use apples.

Me: Apples?

Nell: Malcolm cuts them into tiny little pieces.

Me: Have you tried the game with food, too?

Nell: Babycakes Gillespie plays with bagels.

Me: Imagine playing with scones. All that jam and cream. What a dreadful mess that would make.

Nell: The bagels don’t have cream cheese on them, you know. It’s called Over To You, not All Over You.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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