Monday Ramblings

Me: Wasn’t it glorious to be able to go on our old walk through the fields?

Nell: It was delightful.

Me: It was one of those crisp, cold, sunny, winter days that makes your heart sing.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: That makes you glad to be alive.

Nell: Although it’s particularly cold at the moment.

Me: Yes. The temperature has definitely dropped.

Nell: Yes. I was talking to Knitwear Wolf about it over breakfast this morning. He is organising a warm blanket for me, as I felt a little chilled last night.

Me: How kind of him. Any bacon?

Nell: No. It’s Monday. Toast and marmalade for me with a nice pot of Earl Grey, and a bagel and coffee for Rupert.

Me: He is Canadian.

Nell: Yes, and he supports Babycakes Gillespie. It’s cold out there with the cart you know.

Me: It must be.

Nell: Fortunately the llamas are excellent customers. They love nothing more than a coffee and a doughnut.

Me: I thought Babycakes only sold bagels.

Nell: In this weather? No, doughnuts are a must.

Me: I haven’t had a doughnut in years.

Nell: Well, go and get one then, before they’ve all gone.

Me: Why? Do you think there’s going to be a rush on doughnuts this morning?

Nell: Of course. It’s Monday and the Whippets Institute are rambling.

Me: I didn’t know.

Nell: Haven’t you noticed the minibus is parked here every week?

Me: I can’t say I have, but if it’s during my writing time I don’t really notice much.

Nell: They like to begin and end their walk from here. Sometimes the larger animals join them.

Me: But they’re not whippets.

Nell: Whippets are allowed guests. How else would David be allowed to join the debating society?

Me: I see. Sorry.

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