Undivided Attention

Me: You know when I’m telling you something really important and you just look away?

Nell: What is that awful noise?

Me: It sometimes makes me feel that you aren’t really listening to me.

Nell: I hope they’re not making pancakes again.

Me: And that I might not have your undivided attention.

Nell: They made an awful mess last time and Poppy was not pleased.

Me: In fact I don’t think you heard a word I said.

Nell: Did you say something? It’s hard to hear over the noise they’re making.

Me: Who are you talking about?

Nell: Gladys and the llamas. Didn’t you notice them in the kitchen?

Me: It’s too foggy outside for Gladys to Glide so they came inside.

Nell: It doesn’t mean they all have to crowd into the kitchen though, does it? Have you tried stepping over a llama?

Me: I’m not sure I have.

Nell: Babycakes Gillespie is in there too.

Me: Is he?

Nell: Oh yes. Poppy took pity on him out there in the mist and fog with his coffee and a few wet bagels.

Me: Good for her. I think Kev is going to light a fire soon, so they could all come into the living room.

Nell: Why not invite the larger animals while you’re at it?

Me: I think the llamas qualify as larger animals already, and so does Dave.

Nell: David is not a large animal. He is a pedigree Labrador. Oh, now that’s completely unacceptable.

Me: What is?

Nell: Manuel is tossing pancakes again.

Me: He’s awfully good at it, Nell.

Nell: They are supposed to land back in the frying pan, not in David’s mouth.

Me: They’re just having fun.

Nell: Did a llama just walk past with a pancake on its head?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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