Wednesday Madness

Nell: The world is going mad.

Me: People were asking about my all encasing hat so I thought I would show them you and I on the beach and then Kev jumped out wearing it.

Nell: His glasses are upside down.

Me: Are they? Typical. You’re going to laugh, but I thought I saw Poppy just now in a huge hairy coat carrying her sword.

Nell: You did.

Me: She was riding on Monty the Moose.

Nell: I know. She couldn’t find a horse.

Me: Is there any reason why?

Nell: It’s this wretched Game of Thrones thing. Poppy found the box set and is binge watching all episodes.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: She thinks she’s a cross between Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons and is getting everyone involved.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: David loves the idea, of course. He’s a noble knight and Harriet is a beautiful princess.

Me: I’m not sure Princess will like that.

Nell: She’s the Goddess of the Sea apparently, so she’s fine about it. Our Penguin is filming it all.

Me: How exciting.

Nell: It’s called ‘Game of Bones’.

Me: Brilliant.

Nell: Even Henry and Horst are joining in.

Me: In hairy coats?

Nell: No. Suits of armour. Hairy coats make them look like bits of fluff.

Me: Do you think I could wear my all encasing hat?

Nell: Don’t ask me. The Cat is in charge of costumes. All I know is that Malcolm is at the end of his tether. Thank goodness for Manuel. Nothing phases that octopus.

Me: Why?

Nell: It’s all those tentacles and he’s from Barcelona.

Me: I meant why is Malcolm stressed?

Nell: Poppy wants dramatic food.

Me: Like popping candy?

Nell: No. Like huge joints of meat roasting over an open fire.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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