Thinking Thoughts

Me: Where is my Big Brave Beautiful Boy?

Nell: Outside, Thinking Thoughts.

Me: Why can’t he think inside?

Nell: It’s too noisy and Thoughts are best Thought in the quiet.

Me: True, but it’s quite cold out there.

Nell: Not for a strong and noble animal like David.

Me: You are sounding rather profound this morning, Nell. What has Dave got to think about?

Nell: Opening the first window of the advent calendar, if you must know. He has been chosen to go first.

Me: Why hasn’t he already opened it?

Nell: A delayed treat is a delicious treat. David knows the moment before you eat a treat is almost better than the actual eating. So, he is Savouring the Moment.

Me: Are there treats in the calendar, then?

Nell: Of course, there are. Behind each window is a treat and a picture.

Me: It might be bacon.

Nell: You can’t put bacon in an advent calendar. The mere idea. Good grief. There are biscuits, scones, cheese straws and the odd macaron.

Me: I’m awfully impressed that he’s being so disciplined.

Nell: Yes. David has grown up a lot since we lost Mutley.

Me: Darling Mutley. I miss him so much, Nell.

Nell: We all do, but he’s watching over us now with the other Guardians. Anyway, what do you feel about ice skating?

Me: I beg your pardon?

Nell: Gladys thinks it’s a wonderful idea.

Me: It isn’t cold enough for skating.

Nell: According to Our Penguin these things can be organised nowadays.

Me: Will the ice skating be part of the pantomime?

Nell: Yes. The llamas are dreadfully keen.

Me: Count me out. I’m a dreadful skater.

Nell: The Talking Bowl is heard but not seen. How many times do I have to tell you?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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