Showing their Teeth

Me: Something strange is going on.

Nell: Surely not.

Me: Poppy and Harriet are in the field.

Nell: There’s nothing strange about that.

Me: Looking at the sky and showing their teeth.

Nell: Are there any Beefies around?

Me: I can’t see any.

Nell: What do you mean by showing their teeth?

Me: Harriet is staring open mouthed at the sky and Poppy is waving her muddy paws in the air.

Nell: Are you sure they aren’t singing?

Me: Actually, they might be.

Nell: That explains everything then.

Me: But Sunday Songs was yesterday, Nell.

Nell: Well, yes. The name rather gives it away.

Me: So, why are they singing?

Nell: They’re probably practicing for the auditions.

Me: What auditions?

Nell: For the pantomime. Do keep up.

Me: Have you decided what you’re putting on?

Nell: Yes, after a lot of discussion and a family vote.

Me: I didn’t vote.

Nell: Why not? Kev did.

Me: I didn’t know there was a vote.

Nell: You were probably writing. We all know there’s no point in disturbing you.

Me: You should have told me.

Nell: We thought you’d seen the emails.

Me: What emails?

Nell: It’s not my fault if you never check your Inbox when you’re writing.

Me: Which panto did you all choose then?

Nell: ‘Snow Bite and the Seven Woofs’.

Me: Don’t you mean Dwarfs?

Nell: No. I hope you’re not referring to the vertically challenged amongst us.

Me: Never mind. What’s the story?

Nell: Snow Bite lives in the Frozen North. She is very naughty so she is sent to live Down South with the Woof Family who live by the sea.

Me: I’ve never heard that version.

Nell: Kev knows it. Anyway, both Harriet and Poppy want to play Snow Bite.

Me: Oh, I see. Sorry.

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