An unfortunate incident with a cavalier

Nell: I think we should discuss yesterday’s unfortunate incident?

Me: I’d rather not.

Nell: I believe you had clear instructions.

Me: I didn’t open the door.

Nell: I know. Our visitor was most annoyed.

Me: I thought it was a test.

Nell: A test?

Me: You told me not to open the door.

Nell: To John. I told you not to open the door to John.

Me: Exactly.

Nell: My instructions regarding our visitor were quite different.

Me: I thought Harriet was joking.

Nell: Joking?

Me: She said ‘Nell says, if a Cavalier comes to the door, let him in. It’s King Charles.’

Nell: What’s so funny about that?

Me: Where do I begin?

Nell: It’s a sorry state of affairs when a dear cousin comes to visit all the way from Wales and you won’t let him in.

Me: Yes.

Nell: And you weren’t exactly welcoming when you finally met him.

Me: I was surprised.

Nell: You said, and I quote, ‘I wasn’t expecting a spaniel. Where’s your feathered hat?’

Me: That’s because I was expecting a man with a curly moustache and beard.

Nell: This is what comes from an overactive imagination.

Me: It was an easy mistake to make, Nell.

Nell: Charles was rather annoyed at the time but a nice cup of Earl Grey and one of Poppy’s scones soon calmed him down.

Me: I’m glad.

Nell: We explained about your funny ways and he quite understood.

Me: What funny ways?

Nell: You know perfectly well. The ridiculous thing is John had been here for ages before Charles arrived. Poppy let him in at once.

Me: She did?

Nell: Oh yes. She was delighted to see him. In fact he hasn’t left her side ever since.

Me: Well, that’s wonderful news. I had no idea. Sorry.

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