Thursday Fun

Me: There is something very strange going on in the field.

Nell: I’m not sure I want to know.

Me: There’s a huge orange blanket.

Nell: That’s Poppy’s sleeping bag. Babycakes Gillespie doesn’t want her getting cold now the weather has turned.

Me: It looks like Poppy is smiling.

Nell: Yes. She loves it. Some of his crows took it with them on our walk yesterday in case she got tired. They follow her everywhere.

Me: Is that why it’s tied at the corners?

Nell: Yes. Easier to carry. Now they’re playing that awful Yap music again.

Me: Don’t you mean rap?

Nell: No, I don’t. Although, I don’t know why it’s called music. Just lots of dogs yapping away. Bring back Frank The Barker is what I say. Remember ‘My Way’?

Me: Each to their own. Dave and Harriet seem full of beans.

Nell: Full of American doughnuts, you mean. They adore them. What’s wrong with a nice piece of shortbread?

Me: It’s lovely to see them having fun.

Nell: It will all end in tears. Mark my paws.

Me: Chloe is ever so pleased with you, by the way. She says you’re doing so well that she only needs to see you every 2 weeks for hydrotherapy.

Nell: Stop changing the subject. What’s going on now?

Me: Oh, look at those hot dogs.

Nell: Too much dancing I expect.

Me: No. Babycakes has another one of his trolleys. I rather fancy a proper American hot dog with all the trimmings.

Nell: Don’t expect me to eat one.

Me: There’s an awfully long queue.

Nell: I expect Gladys is entertaining them with a contemporary dance.

Me: How did you guess?

Nell: Please tell me the Welsh corgi choir aren’t dressed as cheerleaders.

Me: Yes, and waving pom-poms. Sorry.

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