It’s all about the scone

Me: There’s a rather beautiful red setter sitting in the kitchen with Dave and Harriet holding a scone.

Nell: Yes, it’s Dorothy from my reading group.

Me: Dave seems absolutely transfixed.

Nell: Well, he would be.

Me: I suppose he hasn’t seen a scone in a few days.

Nell: Have you seen today’s Daily Growl?

Me: Yes. Good photos of Poppy and Malcolm but why is Babycakes Gillespie in there?

Nell: It was his car. Anyway, back to the scone.

Me: I couldn’t help noticing someone had bitten into it but I didn’t like to say in case Dave had done it by mistake.

Nell: It wasn’t David, it was me.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: It was the only way to be certain.

Me: Of what?

Nell: That Poppy and Malcolm are in Torquay.

Me: Torquay?

Nell: Yesterday afternoon Dorothy and Pamela went to tea at the Imperial Hotel.

Me: Pamela the Pyrenean Mountain Dog? I thought she was on a diet.

Nell: Yes. But that’s not the point. Anyway, the scones were so delicious they hid some in their handbags.

Me: Naughty.

Nell: In fact Pamela told Dorothy that the last time she’d eaten a scone like that was at Poppy Martin’s.

Me: Poppy makes the best scones.

Nell: So when Dorothy saw the newspaper this morning she came straight here with the scone.

Me: Kind of her to share, but a day old scone? Not the best gift.

Nell: It’s not any old scone. It’s one of Poppy’s. I knew it when I tasted it.

Me: Poppy’s?

Nell: Yes. She and Malcolm must be at the Imperial Hotel.

Me: They could have told us they were going on holiday.

Nell: It’s not a holiday. Poppy is baking under duress. Babycakes Gillespie is after her recipe.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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