Me: It was lovely to meet Victoria from Schiffer Publishing and her partner Guy, wasn’t it?

Nell: David took it too far again.

Me: You were excited, too.

Nell: I didn’t actually climb on top of them though, did I?

Me: They didn’t mind.

Nell: And Harriet wasn’t much better. Who does Zoomies around the garden when people are trying to talk?

Me: It was rather funny. She just tucked her tail between her legs and started dashing around.

Nell: And then David chased her.

Me: You weren’t entirely innocent, Nell. You barked.

Nell: Someone had to tell them to calm down.

Me: Well, fortunately Victoria and Guy found it funny.

Nell: Yes, they were most understanding. Not everyone appreciates being climbed on by a giant Labrador.

Me: Victoria was particularly delighted to meet you all as she is working so hard on promoting the book.

Nell: I noticed you signing books for her.

Me: Do you realise they were our first visitors in five months?

Nell: It’s been a very long time.

Me: Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end.

Nell: We are very lucky to have such wonderful supporters. Let’s concentrate on that.

Me: I know. All those kind messages and comments. Wonderful.

Nell: Now, Benjamin can’t live at Beefy Towers any longer.

Me: Why not?

Nell: The Beefies have cast him out and are calling him a traitor.

Me: That’s because he helped show the world what a villainous villain Stephen Seagull really is.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Benjamin will have to come and live with us.

Nell: Malcolm and Susan are happy to take him on as a lodger.

Me: Is there room at The Nest?

Nell: Yes, Walter Pigeon’s brother Wayne has been building them an extension. Didn’t you notice?

Me: No. Sorry.

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