Harriet is exhausted

Me: Harriet’s exhausted. It’s all that running yesterday.

Nell: Yes. Let her sleep, please. Poppy has put her bacon in the oven to keep warm. She can have her sandwich later.

Me: Unless somebody eats it by mistake.

Nell: David will carry it up to her when she wakes with a nice cup of tea.

Me: Are you sure that’s wise? The temptation might be too much for my Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: David assures me that he has turned over a new biscuit on the Eating by Mistake front. He is three now and can deal with Temptation.

Me: Don’t you mean turned over a new leaf?

Nell: Certainly not. Why would David be turning over leaves? He’s not a woodlouse. Leave that to Henry and Horst.

Me: There seems to be a lot of excitement in the air this morning.

Nell: I’m afraid it’s a case of Birds Behaving Badly.

Me: Oh dear. I hope Malcolm wasn’t involved.

Nell: Malcolm?

Me: Wasn’t he taking Our Penguin and Princess to do some filming with Count Bingo Flamingo and the boys?

Nell: Are you referring to the Flamingo Foreign Legion?

Me: Yes.

Nell: I wondered for a moment. You’re making them sound like a boy band.

Me: My mistake.

Nell: Anyway, according to the cows there was an awful rumpus at the Hard Rook Cafe last night.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: A group of young blackbirds got into a disagreement with a family of visiting crows. Feathers flew.

Me: I hope nobody was hurt.

Nell: Walter will know the details.

Me: Walter Pigeon?

Nell: Yes. He works nights at the Hard Rook Cafe.

Me: As a barbird?

Nell: Certainly not.

Me: It was just a joke.

Nell: Walter is on the door. He’s a bouncer.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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