Walk on By

Nell: Have you noticed anything wild about Poppy lately?

Me: You mean apart from her taking on the cows again and even that enormous bull?

Nell: Yes. I was very glad to see that David decided to wisely walk on by.

Me: That bull made Dave look small.

Nell: I know Poppy is easily agitated but she didn’t need to shout at that bull. It wasn’t doing anything. She does seem to be overreacting at the moment.

Me: You know what she’s like. All smiles among the buttercups one minute and then wild and shouty the next.

Nell: True. Poppy has always been a bit of a twirling fur fish.

Me: Don’t you mean whirling dervish?

Nell: Certainly not. What on earth is a dervish?

Me: What on earth is a fur fish?

Nell: A wriggly overexcited animal that slips out of your grasp, of course. What else would it be?

Me: Oh, well that actually makes sense.

Nell: Her behaviour just seems exaggerated.

Me: It’s the lockdown. It does strange things to you.

Nell: She was talking to No Good Boyo on WoofsApp just now.

Me: Were they discussing Dylan Thomas?

Nell: The famous Welsh Terrier?

Me: No. The famous Welsh poet.

Nell: No. They were discussing Welsh cakes.

Me: I love a good Welsh cake.

Nell: But why now? She hasn’t spoken to No Good Boyo in ages.

Me: I’ve just had an awful thought.

Nell: Oh dear.

Me: No Good Boyo is a Welsh Border Terrier, isn’t he? So he’s probably one of Joyce’s lot.

Nell: Joyce’s lot? Do you mean the Secret Service?

Me: Yes. Do you think Poppy is under investigation?

Nell: Poppy? Don’t you dare even think that. She may be wild and wriggly but she could never ever be bad.

Me: No. Sorry.

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