Out of the Ordinary

Me: Harriet seems focussed.

Nell: Yes. She’s on duty.

Me: Is she spying?

Nell: She is keeping an eye out for anything Out of the Ordinary. It might help us in our search for The Hunter.

Me: Is anything ever ordinary around here, though?

Nell: It is all relative. What may seem extraordinary to some is perfectly normal to others.

Me: I noticed Our Penguin isn’t filming today.

Nell: It’s having tea and toast with Timothy.

Me: Some people would say a penguin having tea with a turkey was out of the ordinary.

Nell: Then they would be wrong. There are no eggs, by the way.

Me: No eggs? There are always eggs.

Nell: Not at the moment. Someone has stolen them.

Me: What about Dave’s breakfast?

Nell: He had some cereal earlier and Poppy is making him toast and marmite for elevenses. If we stagger his feeding times he will cope.

Me: But who stole the eggs?

Nell: We suspect the Beefies are behind it. They’ve got fat faces and are being very quiet.

Me: Did you just say they’ve got fat faces?

Nell: Yes. If you had an egg in your mouth you’d have a fat face, too.

Me: Why are they stealing eggs?

Nell: Who knows? To make cakes and omelettes, or just simply to annoy.

Me: Wretched creatures.

Nell: It’s Romeo and the toilet paper all over again, if you ask me.

Me: Do you mean Romeo the Beefy in a long black wig? I didn’t know he stole toilet paper.

Nell: He does it all the time. It’s a Beefy thing. Do keep up.

Me: So nothing Out of the Ordinary?

Nell: No.

Me: No wonder Harriet is focussed.

Nell: Did David just walk past carrying Gladys in my handbag? Wearing hats?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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