St David’s Day

Me: Why are you all hiding upstairs? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Nell: We’re comforting David and avoiding the Welsh corgi choir.

Me: Why would you do that? It’s St. David’s Day. The Welsh national day.

Nell: David mistakenly thought it was his special day so now he’s disappointed

Me: My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy. What about the choir?

Nell: They’ve asked Poppy for something unacceptable for lunch.

Me: Not leeks, because dogs can’t eat those?

Nell: No. They want a Welsh rabbit. The mere idea.

Me: They don’t mean rabbit, Nell. They mean rarebit. Welsh rarebit. It’s made with toast and melted cheese.

Nell: I don’t care how they pronounce it, or if it’s served with a cheese sauce and toast on the side, no Welsh rabbits are going to be harmed.

Me: There isn’t any rabbit in it, Nell. It’s just a name.

Nell: So, the Welsh corgi choir only want cheese on toast for lunch?

Me: Yes.

Nell: What a relief. I’ll go and tell Poppy.

Me: In a minute. Have you seen Mutley today?

Nell: I saw him at Sunday Songs. He seemed extremely cheerful.

Me: Did he tell you?

Nell: Tell me what?

Me: Something rather worrying happened yesterday.

Nell: Well, go on. Bark it out.

Me: You know leap day is traditionally seen as the day when women can propose?

Nell: Yes. Is this going to be a long story? Only Poppy needs to start melting cheese.

Me: Joyce proposed and Mutley said yes.

Nell: I’ve nothing against Joyce but that’s a little hasty. I realise he’s 16 but they hardly know each other.

Me: It’s a terrible idea. We have to stop it happening.

Nell: It’s Mutley’s decision. Not ours. You must respect it.

Me: But I don’t trust her. Sorry.

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