That Monday Look

Me: Don’t give me that Monday look.

Nell: What Monday look?

Me: It’s the What on Earth are You Going to Say Now look.

Nell: Well, go on then. Say it.

Me: This is going to sound silly, but you know Kev loves watching American Football?

Nell: Yes.

Me: And some of the family, including the large beasts, were watching it with him last night?

Nell: I prefer tennis myself, or a quiet round of golf.

Me: Yes. It’s such a confusing game. All that stopping and starting.

Nell: Monty the Moose tried to explain the rules but Alejandro and Olive said they were completely mystified.

Me: Mutley enjoys it even though he can hardly see and he definitely can’t hear.

Nell: It’s the theatre of it apparently. Gladys loves it and so does The Cat. Did you see what it was wearing? A sequinned bolero?

Me: I thought it looked rather smart. Anyway, talking of dressing up.

Nell: Yes?

Me: You’re going to laugh but I think Henry and Horst were wearing padding.

Nell: Padding?

Me: Yes. You know like the American footballers do. Big wide shoulders.

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous.

Me: I was surprised.

Nell: Henry and Horst don’t have shoulders.

Me: I never knew woodlice played American football.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: I suppose Henry would be a sprinter and Horst would be in defence because he’s twice Henry’s size.

Nell: Stop.

Me: I knew you wouldn’t believe me.

Nell: They were wearing life jackets.

Me: Life jackets?

Nell: Yes. After the incident with Kev’s bath.

Me: Kev’s bath?

Nell: They were on the tap and nearly fell in. Kev had to save them. They have now been issued with life jackets.

Me: What were they doing in there? Tap dancing?

Nell: Not funny.

Me: No. Sorry.

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