Nonchalant is the word

Nell: Thank goodness Tony came to visit.

Me: Why?

Nell: David needs a friend and distraction. He’s starting to suspect that something is wrong. At Morning Thoughts today he said Poppy was giving Sally a hard stare.

Me: And was she?

Nell: Of course. I’ve had to ask Malcolm to prepare Sally’s food after I saw Poppy cutting toast with her sword and sprinkling chilli on Sally’s scrambled eggs.

Me: That sounds quite nice.

Nell: That’s not the point. And as for Gladys and The Cat.

Me: Do they know too?

Nell: I blame Handsome. I think he and The Cat had one dry Martini too many and he spilt the biscuits.

Me: You mean beans.

Nell: I do not. Handsome hates beans. Anyway, it definitely knows and so does Gladys.

Me: They mustn’t let Bad Sally know they know.

Nell: Stop calling her that. You all need to be discreet. Nonchalant is the word.

Me: They probably don’t know what it means.

Nell: Well, I haven’t seen anything less nonchalant than Gladys in a full length ball gown and The Cat in a sequinned jumpsuit dancing to ‘Evil Woman.’

Me: I did wonder.

Nell: And I saw Alejandro spit and he hardly ever does that now.

Me: Any more news from Henry?

Nell: Yes. I’m not sure you can deal with it.

Me: What did it say?

Nell: ‘Sadie Hunter.’

Me: Who is she?

Nell: Someone very dangerous.

Me: Not a member of The Black Claw?

Nell: I am afraid so.

Me: Do we know her?

Nell: Yes, we do.

Me: You don’t mean Bad Sally is Sadie?

Nell: Yes. Stop calling her that.

Me: Henry said Sadie Hunter.

Nell: Yes.

Me: Hunter. We all need to run.

Nell: I told you. Nonchalant is the word.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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