Sunday Singing

Me: Sundays are for snuggling, aren’t they?

Nell: Yes. David comes into his own at this time of year. He is an excellent Snuggler.

Me: Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: How do you feel about cashmere?

Me: It reminds me of my mother.

Nell: The Cat is keen to branch out but Rupert has reservations.

Me: Why?

Nell: He’s not sure about the goats.

Me: I don’t think we need goats, Nell. We’ve got sheep, alpacas and corgis.

Nell: Corgis?

Me: Yes. They are outside again.

Nell: They will be. It’s Sunday Singing.

Me: Hymns?

Nell: Possibly. I think ‘Morning has Broken’ is in the programme.

Me: There are programmes?

Nell: Of course. You can’t be expected to join in Sunday Singing if you don’t have the words.

Me: I didn’t know I was.

Nell: Life just passes you by, doesn’t it? We’ve been Sunday Singing for years.

Me: You have?

Nell: David and Harriet are key soloists.

Me: They are?

Nell: Jim the Farm Dog has a beautiful voice.

Me: Not when he’s shouting at the sheep.

Nell: Of course not. You can’t use a beautiful voice with sheep. They won’t listen.

Me: Apart from Bert.

Nell: Yes. Bert is an exception. Why do you think Jim wears a tie on a Sunday?

Me: Fashion statement?

Nell: Respect. Sunday Singing is important.

Me: Is that why Gladys is wearing a hat?

Nell: We are all wearing hats.

Me: So you are. I never noticed.

Nell: Yes. You never do. That’s why Kev calls you Sherlock Martin. Floating around in your bubble.

Me: Talking of Kev he has asked me to thank everyone for their kind messages of support. They really mean a lot to him.

Nell: They mean a great deal to us all.

Me: Yes, they do. Sorry.

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