Thank you everyone

Nell: I’ve got my eyes closed.

Me: Yes. I know. You were just enjoying the sunshine.

Nell: After yesterday’s excitement the beach was the place to be.

Me: It certainly was. The sea was a bit cold.

Nell: It was invigorating.

Me: Yes. We need to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support. I couldn’t believe it when the publishers contacted me last night.

Nell: Neither could I. Poppy and I had just settled down for a camomile tea and some shortbread and David was going to sing to us.

Me: We are Number One New Release on Amazon.com in our category. It’s amazing.

Nell: I knew everyone would support us. We are all in this journey together, you know. One big family.

Me: Well, I am overwhelmed and so very thankful. I hardly slept. I was so excited.

Nell: I slept perfectly until those wretched Beefies started shouting.

Me: The cheek of it.

Nell: And now they’ve discarded the woollen waistcoats and are all wearing colourful bandanas.

Me: It’s a bit too hot for wool at the moment. Did Knitwear Wolf deliver the Sunday papers?

Nell: Of course. I told him woollen shorts are never going to catch on but he just smiled.

Me: I thought we were having a quiet day, Nell.

Nell: Why?

Me: The Welsh corgi choir have just arrived.

Nell: I might have texted Myfanwy on WoofsApp to tell her about the book and preordering.

Me: But you know what Myfanwy’s like.

Nell: Yes. Never one to miss out on a celebration.

Me: Chris is trying to have a lie-in.

Nell: Did David just walk past wearing a sequinned bandana carrying Gladys in my handbag?

Me: Yes, he did.

Nell: Was Gladys playing the trumpet? Badly?

Me: I’m afraid so. Sorry.

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