Rhubarb is a hit

Nell: That’s Rhubarb, the Bernese Mountain Dog from Toronto. She came to tea with Pamela yesterday.

Me: I know.

Nell: She’s sitting on a table, smiling.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I bet that photographer Martyn took it. He has a thing about tables.

Me: No. It was taken by Chris in Toronto. Rhu is a family friend. He sent it over.

Nell: Why?

Me: Dave asked him to. He was telling Chris on WoofsApp how well they got on.

Nell: I noticed. Do you know David offered her the last scone?

Me: Bless him. What a good boy.

Nell: Personally I think his head has been turned.

Me: Well, they are both big and beautiful. She says he can be an honorary Mountain Dog and he should fly over to the convention in September.

Nell: Sally will have something to say about that.

Me: They are just friends, Nell. You know how sociable Canadians are.

Nell: Talking of Canadians. When are Shel and Jaime arriving tomorrow? I can’t wait to see them.

Me: I’m not sure. They are at Highclere today.

Nell: Otherwise known as Downton Abbey. Delightful place. I remember dancing the night away there with a most handsome young Labrador.

Me: Really? Gosh, you moved in high circles.

Nell: Yes. I was able to give Maggie a few tips when she was filming.

Me: Maggie Smith?

Nell: Of course. We’ve been friends for years.

Me: You dark horse.

Nell: I beg your pardon? I may be dark but I have nothing of the horse about me at all.

Me: It was just a saying.

Nell: Please tell me that isn’t a wolf hiking through the fields in a knitted waistcoat.

Me: It’s Knitwear Wolf. I was hoping to see him. Shall we wave?

Nell: Certainly not.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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