Stranger things have happened

Me: It’s lovely here on the beach, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes. A few too many visitors for my liking but everyone deserves a holiday.

Me: They do.

Nell: In fact I was just chatting to a rather charming Boston Terrier from the United States.

Me: Is he staying at The Cottage Hotel?

Nell: No, he’s chartered a luxury yacht. He and his wife enjoy the freedom. She was rather reserved for a Silken Windhound but it might have been the jet lag.

Me: Yes.

Nell: What on earth is that out there?

Me: Where?

Nell: In the sea.

Me: It looks rather like a large wolf on a paddle board.

Nell: Yes, I know that, but what is it wearing?

Me: I’m afraid it’s wearing a knitted jumpsuit.

Nell: Exactly. This is becoming ridiculous.

Me: It’s certainly not something you see every day.

Nell: Or would ever want to see again. Who wears a knitted jumpsuit in the sea?

Me: It’s an unusual choice I agree.

Nell: It’s completely impractical for a start.

Me: At least the colour is quite tasteful. Taupe. It blends in really well with the wolf’s coat.

Nell: That’s not the point. I’m beginning to think this wolf is an attention seeker.

Me: I don’t think anyone ever wore knitwear to stand out, Nell. Sequins maybe.

Nell: But why Devon? If you were an Alaskan wolf looking for a holiday would Devon be top of your list?

Me: We do have excellent cream teas.

Nell: It’s an awfully long way to travel for a scone.

Me: Maybe the wolf is here with your American friends?

Nell: The United States is a large place you know.

Me: Stranger things have happened. Oh, look. The wolf is waving. Let’s wave back.

Nell: Stop that immediately.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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