Beautiful Nell

Me: You are such a beauty, Nell.

Nell: What do you want? I’m resting.

Me: Nothing. I was just admiring you. Do you realise you’ve lost 3 kilos since you started your diet? Only a few kilos to go.

Nell: They want me to weigh 28kg. I haven’t weighed that since I was an adolescent.

Me: You can do it.

Nell: Charlie says I am perfect. He is feeling a little stronger today, by the way.

Me: Good. There are a lot of people thinking about him.

Nell: He knows. It is a huge comfort.

Me: So, how was the march?

Nell: Amazing. So much energy. The press were everywhere. Those Kardashandruns are popular but Gladys stole the show.

Me: I thought she was tired. What happened?

Nell: David was carrying her down the High Street in my handbag when the Welsh corgis launched into “All the Single Ladies”.

Me: The one by Beyoncé?

Nell: Who? No. Bouncy, an extremely charismatic poodle. Loves lemonade. Married to that rapping Rottweiler David raves about.

Me: Jay-Z?

Nell: Yes. Jason. Don’t abbreviate his name like that. Anyway, the Dartmouth Dachshunds all started rolling over and Gladys leapt out of my handbag wearing a silver jumpsuit, high heels and large earrings.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: David and The Cat joined her in a contemporary dance and soon everyone was involved. You should have seen some of the high kicks. Those whippets are flexible.

Me: How wonderful.

Nell: Yes. A few stray Beefies tried to heckle but Pamela, a large Pyrenean Mountain dog and honorary member of the Whippets Institute, soon put a stop to it with a well aimed scone.

Me: Good for her.

Nell: I think we shall have a quiet day today. Maybe a walk on the beach later. Charlie might join us.

Me: Would it be all right if I came along too?

Nell: Of course. It’s Family time. No need to ask.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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