Me: It’s quite quiet down here this morning.

Nell: Yes. David is upstairs on your bed with Poppy being Caring.

Me: Is Poppy alright with that?

Nell: Not entirely. I think she was going to have a nap after breakfast service.

Me: What does Caring involve?

Nell: In David’s case it is usually Cuddling but as we know he isn’t truly aware of his strength and size.

Me: Tell me about it. When he gets on my lap I can hardly breathe.

Nell: Yes. I think I am going to have to introduce the concept of Squashing at his next lesson.

Me: Don’t squash Dave though, Nell. Painful as they can be, his cuddles are really lovely. He just doesn’t move when I ask him to.

Nell: Yes. It is all linked to David’s main weakness which is Listening.

Me: What do you mean? Dave listens to me.

Nell: David has an excellent Listening face.

Me: He does. I talk to him a lot.

Nell: Yes. But he isn’t actually Listening to you. He is usually Thinking. Mainly about sausages, scones, surfing, or Sally.

Me: Thank goodness you listen to me.

Nell: I wonder if Poppy made some fresh scones before she went for her lie down.

Me: You are listening, aren’t you?

Nell: I need to remember to wear my hat when I go out later. It’s raining quite hard.

Me: You aren’t listening to me either.

Nell: Of course I am. I can multitask you know.

Me: Multitasking means doing two different things.

Nell: Exactly. Listening and Thinking. Do keep up.

Me: Oh, I see. Sorry.

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