Sunday morning lie in

Nell: Could you keep the noise down, please? It’s Sunday morning and David and I are having a lie in.

Me: Our friends have to go back to Oxfordshire, Nell.

Nell: Can someone make me a cup of Earl Grey then?

Me: Poppy is cooking a full English breakfast.

Nell: Toast will be fine, thank you. Although I suppose I could manage a slice of bacon, if pushed, and a poached egg. David will have a sausage.

Me: How do you feel about goose?

Nell: At this time of the morning? What on earth are you talking about?

Me: Poppy was saying that some people are going back to goose for Christmas dinner.

Nell: I don’t know about some people but I’m going back to bed.

Me: Gosh, you are a bit grumpy.

Nell: You and your friends were playing Trivial Pursuit until gone midnight.

Me: I know. It wasn’t meant to go on for that long but the teams were so close.

Nell: I am aware.

Me: It was boys against girls.

Nell: With respect I don’t think any of you could be called boys, or girls, but I know what you mean. I hope you ladies won.

Me: Nearly. They defeated us at the last minute.

Nell: Did I see Kev dancing?

Me: They all danced.

Nell: If you had included Harriet, Poppy, Gladys and myself this would never have happened. Victory would have been ours.

Me: You are probably right but then they would have had Mutley and Malcolm.

Nell: And David and The Cat. Please don’t forget The Cat.

Me: You have a point there. Sorry.

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