Over excited

Nell: What is the matter with you? You are bouncing around like the collie who got the cake.

Me: Don’t you mean the cat who got the cream?

Nell: No. I never mentioned a cat. Is it because your friends are coming to stay for the weekend?

Me: I am excited to see them but it’s not only that.

Nell: Is it because son Chris has finally booked his flight home from Toronto for Christmas? It’s almost a year since we saw him.

Me: That is definitely part of it. I am so excited.

Nell: I have to tell you Mutley was completely beside himself with joy. He and Chris bonded years ago over a shared can of tuna and have been best friends ever since.

Me: I know. Mutley will be sharing his bed no doubt. Actually there is more. You know daughter Alice and grandson Jonathan aren’t coming for Christmas?

Nell: Yes. We were very sad but we moved on.

Me: Well, they are flying over from Berlin next week for a surprise pre Christmas visit.

Nell: They are? I must say I might just start bouncing around myself. Harriet adores Jonathan. She will be so pleased.

Me: And that’s not even all.

Nell: There can’t be more, surely?

Me: Alice is having another baby at the end of May next year.

Nell: Just like dear Meghan. What wonderful news. No wonder you are over excited.

Me: Dave is going to have to learn to be careful. No jumping up at Alice, or Jonathan.

Nell: After yesterday’s Thanksgiving turkey incident David is not to be trusted.

Me: He only ate the leg. It was quite a long way from the Big House to our home and he was hungry.

Nell: It was completely inexcusable. Malcolm was distraught. We had to serve a one legged turkey.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Let’s go and tell everyone Christmas is coming twice this year. Stop laughing at David.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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