My money is on the flamingo

Nell: If David and Gladys appears in crowns and cloaks just ignore them.

Me: Why?

Nell: They’ve becomes addicted to that series Game of Bones.

Me: I think you mean Thrones.

Nell: Anyway, David stole Poppy’s sword and my winter cloak with the faux fur trim so he is in trouble.

Me: I like that cloak.

Nell: Yes, it is both warm and elegant. Gladys is wearing The Cat’s purple pashmina and a very small crown.

Me: Where did they get the crowns?

Nell: Ron Gilbert. He is over here to help with our Thanksgiving re-enactment and he had a couple of crowns in his props basket. He would do anything for Gladys, of course.

Me: I hope he doesn’t end up fighting a duel with Count Bingo. You know how smitten Bingo is with her.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Pistols at dawn on Bantham beach. I can see it all. Smoking guns. A wounded Great Dane and a triumphant flamingo.

Nell: Why do you think Count Bingo would win?

Me: He is in the foreign legion and there is way more of Ron Gilbert to shoot.

Nell: You have a point there.

Me: My money is definitely on the flamingo.

Nell: Enough. We are supposed to be concentrating on pilgrims not pistols.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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