The Day of the Flamingo Ball

Nell: Do you think it’s too much?

Me: No. You can carry it off.

Nell: I couldn’t believe it when it arrived. So kind of Harry and Meghan.

Me: Yes. Harriet was the one who contacted Harry.

Nell: Bless her. They hit it off at the wedding and have been texting ever since. As I said before, similar names, similar hair.

Me: Did they send it by post? Only I didn’t see Tony.

Nell: By post? A diamond tiara? Honestly, I despair of you sometimes. Jeremy drove it down here. He is staying with James and will drive it back tomorrow.

Me: Do you think all chauffeurs have names beginning with J?

Nell: I’m not even going to answer that. Are you happy with your dress?

Me: It’s very sparkly, Nell, and not my usual colour.

Nell: It brings out the green in your eyes. I’m glad Gladys chose the red. It makes the most of her fur. But does she need the ostrich feather?

Me: It gives her height I suppose.

Nell: It nearly had my eye out when I picked up my handbag. She needs to take it off when she is dancing.

Me: Harriet’s dusky pink suits her, too.

Nell: Yes, no need for extras. Her beauty speaks for itself.

Me: As does yours.

Nell: You are too kind. I wasn’t sure about silver, but if Shirley Basset can wear it then so can I.

Me: The boys all look impossibly handsome. Only David could wear a sequinned top hat.

Nell: Yes, and Malcolm’s bow tie is just the thing.

Me: I wonder what Sally will be wearing?

Nell: Sally? Is she coming down from London?

Me: Yes, she’s going to surprise Dave. Didn’t Charlie tell you?

Nell: No. How lovely for David.

Me: I’m sure Charlie would have come too if he could. I don’t expect James Bond could ever plan ahead.

Nell: Charlie is not James Bond. He just works for the Secret Service.

Me: He’s your James Bond though, Nell.

Nell: Sometimes I wonder. Could you ask Malcolm for a soft boiled egg and soldiers? There is nothing like a dippy egg when you need comfort.

Me: Yes. You must gather your strength for this evening.

Nell: Stop looking at me like a lost puppy. I will be fine.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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