Anyone for bridge?

Nell: I knew that visiting spaniel was the sickly type. Letting us down just before we went on stage.

Me: Yes, but didn’t Harriet read well? Jumping in at the last minute.

Nell: She was the perfect Cecily.

Me: And the cat was excellent.

Nell: It surprised us all. Wonderful clear delivery and the spectacles were inspired.

Me: You two certainly seemed to get on.

Nell: Yes. The cat has agreed to join my reading group. We are taking tea together later.

Me: I thought Dave was adorable. Where did he find that ear trumpet for Mutley?

Nell: Goodness knows, but it was a huge help and stopped us having to repeat our lines to him constantly. I’m not sure it was quite the right look for a romantic lead, however.

Me: People understood.

Nell: David is a natural performer, although Algernon didn’t sing in the original version.

Me: He must have been boiling in that tweed jacket.

Nell: He borrowed it from the Prince. They have been in regular contact since the wedding.

Me: Nice of James to bring it down.

Nell: Yes, with fresh vegetables from Highgrove and some of Camilla’s marmalade.

Me: The farm dogs gave you a standing ovation.

Nell: Very flattering, if rather loud. I don’t know who invited them.

Me: I might have mentioned it. Over the fence, in passing.

Nell: If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times. Do not gossip with the farm dogs. They are in league with the Daily Growl.

Me: They are huge fans, Nell. One of them was wearing a t shirt with your face on the front.

Nell: Good grief. Now, Harriet has her check up this afternoon. We are all expecting good news but she is understandably nervous.

Me: So am I.

Nell: Poppy has packed a light picnic. A few fairy cakes, some chicken sandwiches, crusts off, and a flask of tea. Decaf, of course.

Me: That’s kind.

Nell: I suggest you stop off at the Quay on your way back. A little stroll and some fresh air will do her the power of good.

Me: Good idea. Are you coming?

Nell: I can’t. The cat is coming to tea and we are hoping Mutley and Poppy will join us for a game of bridge.

Me: What about Dave?

Nell: David is going surfing with the lifeguards. Why do you think he is wearing his wetsuit?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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