Nell: I am afraid David is in detention.

Me: Oh no!

Nell: It’s his obsession with birds. It’s getting out of hand.

Me: Oh dear. What happened?

Nell: He and Harriet were outside yesterday evening practising their retrieving when he spotted a bird in a bush and leapt into it.

Me: That was naughty.

Nell: It was also embarrassing. As you know we have another lovely Canadian guest, Jaime, staying with us and she was trying to relax in the garden after her long flight.

Me: Did you explain?

Nell: I was resting inside as I had such a busy day. It was up to Harriet to try and calm things down but he wouldn’t listen.

Me: Well, Jaime seems fine to me. She loves Dave.

Nell: I think you will find the special bond is between myself and Jaime. We spent a very pleasurable time together later in the evening discussing life.

Me: That’s nice. I’m not sure detention is the answer for Dave, by the way.

Nell: I am at the end of my tether with that animal. I’ve told him before that birds fly and this is not something he will ever be able to do.

Me: Maybe he will become a pilot when he grows up.

Nell: Now, that has to be one of the silliest things you have said yet.

Me: Yes.

Nell: David is going into software development. He’s always been interested in computers. You know that.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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