Nell: It’s winter again.

Me: I know. We are in the middle of a snow storm and it’s March.

Nell: Kev just went outside to get logs and said he may be some time.

Me: That’s his joke, Nell. You worry about him too much.

Nell: I do not.

Me: You know you do. You go all soft and gooey when Kev’s around.

Nell: Soft and gooey? Ridiculous.

Me: Come on you know it’s true.

Nell: We have a special connection.

Me: He can do no wrong in your eyes. Unlike me.

Nell: He understands me. Just now I was feeling the cold from being in the snow and he dried my fur and tucked me in.

Me: I dry your fur and tuck you in.

Nell: Not in the same way.

Me: Now, that is ridiculous.

Nell: Kev isn’t back yet. Maybe I should check.

Me: You wouldn’t check on me.

Nell: You know perfectly well that I would.

Me: Only after I had been gone an hour and the fire had gone out.

Nell: Rubbish. By the way you never get the logs, or make the fire.

Me: I do other things.

Nell: Yes, you do. Jealousy is very unbecoming, you know.

Me: I know. Sorry.

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