Who stole the lime?

Nell: How is everything in Buckinghamshire?

Me: I’m afraid there’s been another incident.

Nell: Don’t tell me. Naughty Nigel stole something.

Me: Well, somebody stole a lime from the fruit bowl.

Nell: That’s a silly thing to steal. Limes are sour and belong in a cocktail.

Me: Or a delicious key lime pie.

Nell: Anyway, did you find the culprit?

Me: We interviewed Naughty Nigel and Cousin Boo.

Nell: Boo is a black Labrador so he won’t have done it.

Me: Are you forgetting Dave?

Nell: David does things by mistake.

Me: They both denied it but then we found Nigel in the living room lying next to the lime

Nell: I knew it.

Me: He still denied it.

Nell: He would.

Me: Things were looking bad for Naughty Nigel when we heard laughing.

Nell: Laughing?

Me: It was more of a snigger, actually.

Nell: I don’t approve of sniggering. If you want to laugh do it openly, not secretly behind your paw.

Me: We looked to see who was sniggering and found Xav stretched out behind Nigel with a satisfied smile on his face.

Nell: Xav?

Me: Scarlett’s cat.

Nell: The cat did it. How many times have we Labradors told you this? We dogs are innocent. It is always the cat.

Me: I know you say that, Nell, but sometimes it isn’t.

Nell: Well, I hope someone had a strong word with that animal.

Me: Boo tried reasoning but Xav didn’t care and Nigel tried giving him a hard stare but it didn’t work.

Nell: They need Poppy.

Me: I don’t think threatening someone with a sword is a good idea, Nell.

Nell: I’m not talking about swords. Poppy is mistress of the Hard Stare. It’s terrifying.

Me: I still don’t think it would work on Xav. Sorry.

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