Tony and the Neon Green Chew

Me: Well, that was a surprise.

Nell: What was?

Me: You and Harriet running to the gate to greet Tony before Dave.

Nell: David needs to stay alert if he’s going to keep up with us girls.

Me: Dave got his cuddles later.

Nell: He did.

Me: He even offered Tony his Neon Green Chew.

Nell: David’s not really offering it, you know. He would never let it go. Harriet tried to take it earlier but he wasn’t having any of it.

Me: Harriet is surprisingly strong, isn’t she? Almost like Poppy.

Nell: No one is like Poppy. She has amazing strength.

Me: And force of will.

Nell: Exactly. She’s the only one who has actually managed to take the Neon Green Chew away from David.

Me: Really?

Nell: Oh yes. David tried to keep hold of it but then she mumbled under her breath ‘I would let that go, Sunny Jim, if I were you.’

Me: She called Dave ‘Sunny Jim’?

Nell: She did.

Me: Do we know why?

Nell: She does that when she’s in a piratey mood.

Me: And did he?

Nell: Did he what?

Me: Let the Neon Green Chew go?

Nell: Of course he did. When Poppy says ‘Sunny Jim’ you give in at once. Resistance is futile.

Me: I’ll remember that.

Nell: I would.

Me: What’s your opinion on fluffy pillows?

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: Kev and I got new pillows and now I have a stiff neck.

Nell: They need a bit of Squashing In. I’ll do it for you later.

Me: That’s ok, Nell. I’ll do it myself.

Nell: I’d leave it to me, Sunny Jim, if I were you.

Me: Did you just say ‘Sunny Jim’?

Nell: I didn’t say it was only used by Poppy.

Me: No. Sorry.

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