Tony has some exciting news

Me: Visits from Tony make you all so happy.

Nell: Yes, although I’ve told David repeatedly that there’s no need to shout right into Tony’s ear.

Me: It’s probably a secret, Nell. He doesn’t want anyone else listening.

Nell: I know for a fact that it’s about bacon. There’s nothing secret about that.

Me: What about bacon?

Nell: David is doing a survey. Do you like red, or brown sauce on your bacon sandwich?

Me: Brown, every time. What does Tony like?

Nell: I don’t know. David says it’s confidential.

Me: Well, there you are. That’s why Dave was whispering.

Nell: The question isn’t confidential. Just the answer. Good grief.

Me: Maybe Dave was telling Tony what colour sauce he has on his bacon sandwich?

Nell: David has any colour sauce, or none at all. He doesn’t care. Everyone knows that.

Me: True.

Nell: Tony had some big news for us, actually.

Me: What was it? Please don’t say it’s confidential.

Nell: Guess who Tony and Sue are bringing home tomorrow?

Me: Is it Toby the Puppy?

Nell: Yes. David and Harriet’s nephew is finally joining us all here in Devon.

Me: You will be Great Aunt Nell.

Nell: Yes, although Aunt Nell might do.

Me: Uncle Dave and Auntie Harriet. It’s strange to think of the puppies having a nephew.

Nell: New responsibilities for us all having a youngster in the family.

Me: Kev and I will pop over to Tony and Sue’s next week to meet Toby.

Nell: I beg your pardon? Did you say you and Kev?

Me: Yes.

Nell: What about me, David and Harriet?

Me: Toby is too young for that, Nell. He can’t be around other dogs until after his second vaccination.

Nell: Other dogs? We are his family.

Me: Yes, I know. Sorry.

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