Poised for action

Me: That’s an all action photo, isn’t it? Look at all those ears flapping.

Nell: Yes.

Me: Except for you.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: You’re just watching.

Nell: I’m poised for action.

Me: Is that what you call it?

Nell: Yes. It was lovely to be back in the activity field.

Me: I enjoyed it too. I only managed one lap of the field but it was good to have some fresh air again.

Nell: There was a little too much fresh air last night. Did you hear the storm?

Me: I did. Whoever is hiding in the treehouse must have had a dreadful night.

Nell: Whoever is hiding up there is about to be bounced. Sally is on her way and Beauregard and Oliver are with her.

Me: It’s absolutely amazing how Oliver has come out of his shell.

Nell: Oliver is an opossum. He never had a shell.

Me: You know what I mean. When he arrived here he was easily startled and now he is riding tigers and fighting lions.

Nell: Yes, when you put it like that it does sound rather impressive. Now, you might have noticed the trapeze.

Me: I did wonder. Is it for Glide with Gladys?

Nell: No. Just for Gladys. She is going to nonchalantly swing over the treehouse to see who is in there.

Me: Is that even possible?

Nell: Oh yes. As long as she gives it enough oomph she should be able to reach it.

Me: I mean can you swing nonchalantly?

Nell: Not me, personally, no. But I’m sure Gladys can do it.

Me: Don’t you think whoever is hiding up there might notice a trapeze swinging above its head?

Nell: Not necessarily.

Me: I’m glad it’s not me.

Nell: Aren’t we all?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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