David has an interesting theory

Me: Is David watching Walter again?

Nell: Yes, and Walter Junior. I’ve told him they’re allowed to eat from the bird feeder after yesterday’s heroics.

Me: I can’t believe Lionel King got away again.

Nell: The llamas didn’t help by panicking. Running around screaming doesn’t help anyone. You would think they had never seen a lion before.

Me: I thought Babycakes Gillespie was awfully brave trying to wheel his cart into Lionel’s way.

Nell: And foolish. A small pug can’t push a cart across a field faster than a lion. And what was he going to do when he got there? Offer him a bagel?

Me. It was a bit of an uphill struggle but at least he tried. What about Poppy though?

Nell: Reckless behaviour. Brandishing a whisk.

Me: She couldn’t find her sword so she grabbed the nearest thing.

Nell: The real heroes were most definitely Walter and Walter Junior.

Me: Yes. When the Beefies descended from the skies armed with slimy wet mackerel they bravely fought them off.

Nell: Unfortunately during the mayhem Lionel escaped.

Me: Is it me, or has Dave been watching Walter and Walter Junior a lot more recently?

Nell: David has an interesting theory about Walter.

Me: He does?

Nell: He thinks Walter may not be a Walter at all.

Me: He’s definitely a pigeon, Nell.

Nell: No. He might be a She.

Me: What? Walter might be Waltina?

Nell: Maybe, although Waltina is not the most attractive of names.

Me: He has been awfully protective recently and then Walter Junior suddenly appeared.

Nell: Not exactly suddenly. There was an awful lot of rustling in the bushes and toing and froing before Walter Junior arrived.

Me: And billing and cooing one presumes.

Nell: Stop presuming and go back to bed.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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