Happy St. George’s Day

Me: Poppy looks happy.

Nell: Yes. It’s St. George’s Day and she is about to fight the Dragon

Me: Where is the Dragon?

Nell: Finishing his soft boiled egg and soldiers.

Me: In costume?

Nell: David insisted. I’ve told him he is going to get egg on his scales and Malcolm has fallen over his tail twice already.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Fireball hasn’t helped by getting marmalade on her costume.

Me: Fireball?

Nell: The Dragon’s assistant, otherwise known as Gladys in an orange jumpsuit.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Every time the Dragon roars, Fireball does a somersault.

Me: How impressive.

Nell: Yes. The Farm Dogs have lent Gladys their trampoline.

Me: I didn’t know they had a trampoline.

Nell: Haven’t you noticed them bouncing?

Me: I did wonder. Do Dragons actually roar?

Nell: This one does. Now, what time is your taxi arriving? Only Poppy doesn’t want to get into her suit of armour until the last minute but we have to allow time for the fight.

Me: 11:30. It’s a shame Kev can’t drive me but the chimney people are coming.

Nell: So the fight will take place at 10am.

Me: Good. It gives the Dragon plenty of time to finish his egg and even have some toast and marmalade with Fireball.

Nell: Yes. Princess Harriet wants to show you her costume and Merlin is waiting in the wings.

Me: Merlin?

Nell: Why do you think Mutley is wearing a long white beard and carrying a staff?

Me: I didn’t think Merlin was in this story.

Nell: But you don’t know he wasn’t. Stranger things have happened.

Me: Fireball just somersaulted over the Dragon.

Nell: Proving my point.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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