Daring to dream

Me: Harriet is looking rather pensive.

Nell: Yes. I think it was something Charlie said at Morning Thoughts about Daring to Dream.

Me: It sounds profound. I’m glad he decided to join you.

Nell: Yes. He slept well and is feeling quite invigorated and positive this morning

Me: Malcolm made him a smoothie first thing with kale and all sorts of healthy green things. He and Poppy have put together a special diet.

Nell: Good. He is already starting to adapt to his new circumstances. He was on the iBone to HQ for hours yesterday.

Me: It’s not going to be easy to replace him.

Nell: Charlie is irreplaceable. You know that.

Me: I meant in his James Bond role.

Nell: Yes. I think he is going to take on an advisory role in the future.

Me: Like M?

Nell: No. Why are you talking in letters?

Me: The Head of the Secret Service is called M.

Nell: No, she isn’t. Not ours anyway.

Me: So she’s a woman? Like Judi Dench?

Nell: She is a dog and she is not at all like Judi Dench. You are fanciful at times.

Me: I wish I knew who she was.

Nell: You do, actually.

Me: It’s you. I knew it.

Nell: Of course it isn’t me. Don’t be so silly. How on earth would I cope with you and the Secret Service?

Me: True. Who is it then?

Nell: Enough. I need to talk to Harriet alone. Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Me: I hope Harriet isn’t M.

Nell: For Goodness Sake. Will you just listen to yourself sometimes? Ridiculous.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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