List of Characters

AJ the Gardening Afghan Friend of Dave’s
Alejandro Ecuadorian alpaca. Going out with Gladys. Martin Family
Alex Little Sister
Alex the computer guy Says it all
Alex the Vet Vet
Alexa A know-all
Alice Daughter
Amanda A Police Constable Panda
Andre Alice’s husband
Ann Widdecombe Sheep who can’t sing
Anton du Bark A lithe whippet and Nell’s ballroom dancing partner
Antonio A Podenco Canario
Arnold Barksandbragger Austrian Rottweiler who keeps telling people he’s back before he’s gone
Attila the Hound Don’t mention him
Auntie Sandra Seagull, Susan’s aunt
Australian cattle dogs Ron Gilbert’s team of handydogs
Baby Snail Faye Raine’s name before she was born
Baby Sussex Harrison Mountbatten Windsor
BAD Bad Animal Division
Ban Morrison Wheaten Terrier from Northern Ireland. Singer/songwriter
Barney Owl
Barney Labrador, Nell’s brother
Beagle Bones A pirate
Bear Growls Adventurer
Beary Merry A lady bear National treasure and excellent cook
Belle Naughty Nell
Berry Pomeroy Peacock and Face of Birdberry
Bert A sheep who lost his wool
Bess A shy Shih Tzu
Bill the Buzzard Brother to Bob
Billy Labrador
Bob Retired Border Terrier. Ex services
Bob the Buzzard Brother to Bill
Boo Black lab and Nell’s cousin
Boo Fearnley-Whittingstall Berkshire Labrador
Boone the Mutt A handsome Canadian Labrador owned by Shel
Bouncy A charismatic poodle and singer
Budleigh Salterton Basset Hound from Beesands. Old sea dog
Captain Hiroshi Takeda Shiba Inu with a wooden leg. Brother to Ken. Bad pirate
Carlos the Cat Alice’s dear departed cat
Carmen Miranda Curly haired collie from Coventry
Charlie Shepherd/Siegfried Schaeferhund Handsome German Shepherd. Former MI5 agent. Nell’s husband. Dying of heart failure. Martin Family
Charlotte Sister
Cheerleading Chow Chows From Chichester
Chris Son
Coleton Fishacre Monkey pirate. Badly behaved
Cooky and Pluto Guide Dogs
Count Bingo Large French flamingo and head of the Flamingo ForeignLegion
Cousin Tess Sara’s cousin
Dancing Chihuahuas Enthusiastic dancers
Dartmouth Dachsunds Performers
Dave Black Lab. Big Brave Boy.Family. Harriet’s brother. Nell’s nephew. Martin Family
Dicky Dalmation Antiques Dealer from Bury St. Edmunds
Doctor Foxhound Doctor
Dog Marley Long haired Bergamasco. Loves reggae and has dreadlocks
Dominic Simmons Siamese cat.
Dorothy Salcombe Setter
Doug the Hairdresser Jack Russell
Driftwood Bark Dave’s band
Dudley Lives at The Cottage Hotel
Edward A clock
Elderly short sighted pug with a monkey on its shoulder Says it all
Emily the Vet Vet
Ernest Elderly Jack Russell. Friend of Mutley’s
Eve Dog breeder
Farm Dogs Sheepdogs who live next door
Faye from The Barn Fan of Nell’s
Faye Raine Granddaughter
Fido A stone statue
Fiona Moose TV presenter
Fleur Nell’s mother
Flossy Mae A naughty dog from Georgia
Fluffy Dave and Harriet’s sister
Frankie Miniature Dachshund
Freddy Dave and Harriet’s brother
Freddy Fulmar and the Seabirds Baby faced bird and his band
Gelato Spinone Hairy dog with a rough beard and a long nose. Sells ice cream by the quay
Ginger A Canada goose
Gladys Black Pomeranian. Martin Family
GOOD Generally Optimistic and Obedient Animals
Grace Kelly Italian Greyhound
Graham Swan and poet
Greg Walrus Masterchef judge
Gull A good Beefy
Gulldon Ramsay Loud seagull chef
Hamilton Hound Director
Hamish Kilted Corgi
Handsome The Cat’s American cousin
Harriet Chocolate Labrador. Dave’s sister. Nell’s niece. Martin Family
Henry Woodlouse. Dave’s friend
Hope A dachshund
Horst Large woodlouse. Brother to Henry
Humphrey Heron, Susan’s adopted father
Hunter Nasty recruiter for The Black Claw
Irene Family friend
J.K. Howling Shetland sheepdog and writer
Jago Doberdane. John’s half brother
Jaime Family friend
James Chauffeur
Jason Rapping Rottweiler. Married to Bouncy
Jason Doberman Australian sheep shearer and cousin of John’s
Jeremy Butler
Jeremy Barkson Bloodhound
Jeremy Beagle A beagle
Jill and Hob Henderson Visiting Ferrets
Jim the Farm Dog In love with Harriet
John the Doberman Poppy’s fiancé who runs Starbarks in Kingsbridge
John the Toad Masterchef judge
Jonathan Sky Grandson
Joyce Border Terrier
Junior Doberman
Katney Kardashandrun Cat, sister to Kitten and Klawy
Ken Akita Inu. Brother to Hiro. Good pirate
Kerry Sister-in-law
Kev Husband. Martin Family
Kitten Kardashandrun Cat, sister to Katney and Klawy
Klawy Kardashandrun Cat, sister to Kitten and Katney
Knitwear Wolf Prince Rupert. A Canadian wolf
Lady Baba A singing sheep
Lavinia An elderly lurcher from Lymington
Leo A dachshund
Lesley Lhasa Apso
Lesley the Lizard A lizard with a lisp
Lily Labradoodle
Lily Sweet little dog on the beach
Lily Great niece-in-law
Little Marvin Puppy rescued from the United States by Chris and Shannon. Living in Toronto.
Little Ollie Black Labrador puppy who belongs to Tony the Postman
Liv and Ben Niece and nephew-in-law
Madame Odile Cygne Noir A black swan, owns the French bakery
Mademoiselle Ecarlate Harriet in disguise
Maggie A beautiful Shih Tzu from Pennsylvania Mutley’s former love
Maisie Nell’s sister and Dave and Harriet’s mother
Malcolm Polite Flamingo. Chef. Martin Family.
Marian Family friend
Marjorie Young spaniel
Marvellous Great Aunt Pam Sara’s aunt
Marvin Rescue dog adopted by Chris and Shannon. Lives in Toronto.
Marwood A sloth
Mavis Pyrenean Mountain Dog who met Nell at the vet’s during a weigh-in
Meghan Duchess of Sussex
Michael Bouvier Belgian Farm Dog. Famous singer
Michael Collie-Only A Kingsbridge Collie
Mick Jaguar Ageing singer
Milo Tony the Postman’s dear departed Labrador
Mist Dave and Harriet’s sister
Monty the Moose A Canadian Mounty
Mortimer Mountjoy Friendly Beagle
Mother Sara’s late mother
Mr Kipling Bichon Frise from Buckinghamshire. Mutley’s business advisor
Mrs R Kind lady who owns Meadow Walk
Muriel the Mastiff Newsagent
Mutley Elderly Patterdale. Rescue Dog. Entrepreneur. Martin Family
Myfanwy Welsh Corgi
Naughty Nigel Handsome blonde Labrador and Nell’s cousin
Nell Queen of Black Labradors. Matriarch. Martin Family
Nicky Bark Celebrity hairdresser
Nigella Pawsome Whippet and cook
No Good Boyo Welsh Border Terrier
Old Gaffers Tony the Postman’s shanty crew
Olivia Next door neighbour’s daughter
Olive The other reindeer
Our Penguin A penguin filmmaker
Owl Capone Owl Pacino’s son
Owl Pacino Brave pilot
Owlbert Squadron Leader
Owlgernon Featherby-Fortescue Wing Commander of the Royal Owl Force
P.G. Woodlouse Author, father to Henry and Horst, married to Barbara
Pablo Portuguese Podengo. Waiter at the cafe
Pamela Large Pyrenean Mountain Dog and honorary member of the Whippets Institute
Pamela A portly Pekinese from Paignton
Paul Robinson Rude Australian shepherd dog
Peter the Pelican Celebrant from Exmoor
Petunia Chicken
Pierre and Fifi Dave and Gladys in disguise
Poppy Maltese cross. Chef. Helicopter pilot. Martin Family
Prince Harry Duke of Sussex
Princess A seal
Prue Beef Flamboyant seagull. Cook
Puparazzi Photographers. Usually Italian Volpinos
Reggie and Ronnie East End bulldog twins
Replacement Tonys Postmen
Rhubarb Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog from Toronto
Rhys Welsh Corgi
Richard Price Black Russian Terrier
Richard the Vet Vet
Rita Pawreno Chihuahua. Rocky’s wife and a Puerto Rican dancer
Robert the quiet Rottweiler Mutley’s Bodyguard
Robin Hoot Owl
Rock A big Beefy and friend of Romeo
Rocky Martin Sato dog. Mutley’s Puerto Rican cousin. Married to Rita
Romeo A noisy Beefy in a long black wig who is in love with Harriet
Ron Gilbert Great Dane from Torquay
Ruff Farm Dog and Jim’s brother
Rupert Knitwear Wolf
Rupert Red Setter and director
Sally Golden Retriever. Works with Charlie. M. Dave’s girlfriend
Samuel of Oxbury Black Labrador. Dave and Harriet’s father.
Santa Dear departed Golden Retriever
Sara Me. Martin Family
Sarah Owns The Cottage Hotel
Sasha Beautiful Golden Retriever and rescue dog
Savoiardi, Sponge Finger An evil rook and head of NOIR the Notorious Organisation of International Rooks
Scarlett Niece
Seamus Feisty Irish terrier and Nell’s cousin
Sebastian/Sid the Fish Double-crossing Spaniel
Shannon Chris’s Canadian girlfriend
Shel Family friend
Sherlock Bones A clever Lurcher
Shirley Bassett Singer
Shona and Rob Niece and nephew-in-law
Simon Howl Opinionated Husky
Sir Andy Furry Scottish deerhound. Plays tennis but prefers fishing
Sophie the Hairdresser Sara’s hairdresser
Stephen Seagull Head of the Beefies and Susan’s biological father
Sue Tony the Postman’s wife
Susan Seagull. Married to Malcolm. Martin Family
Sven Gully Stephen Seagull’s Swedish cousin and hypnotist
Tall Hollywood Giant Schnauzer
Tawny Tim Owl
Terry Family friend
The Beaky Blinders Pigeons in wigs and peaked caps
The Beefies Evil gang of seagulls
The Black Claw An evil organisation
The Cat Flamboyant and talented friend. Lives at the Big House but Martin Family
The Gipsy Cairns Cairn terriers from Scotland who sing Spanish songs
The Great Mutliano Mutley in disguise
The Gulls Susan’s bridesmaids
The Portishead Pugs Dance group from Bristol
The Portly Martins, Portia, Penelope and Pat Labradors. Nell’s cousins from Purley
The Rolling Bones Elderly band of musicians
The Roofers Handsome roofers
The Royal Owl Force Brave birds
The Welsh Corgi Choir Singers and knitters
The Whippets Institute Whippets who usually travel by minibus
Timothy Turkey. Artist. Martin Family
Tobias Great nephew
Tom Barker Howls Food critic
Tony the Postman Dave’s best friend. Family friend
Tour de France Savoiardi’s alias
Uncle Stanley Seagull, Susan’s uncle
U.A. United Animals
Valerie French bulldog who owns patisseries
Vivian A deaf leopard
Walter Pigeon Noisy pigeon
Watson Border Terrier
Wednesday Writers Sara’s writing group
Westie Wolfenthal Chef
William Owns The Cottage Hotel
Winifred Whippet from the WI. Lazy
Xav A fierce kitten who belongs to Scarlett
Yellow Lab Lives by the quay and barks at cyclists
Yogi Westlake A handsome Labrador