Thank Goodness for the NHS

Nell: So, when do you think you’ll be back from the hospital?

Me: I’m not sure, Nell.

Nell: Are you certain you don’t need me to come with you?

Me: No. Kev’s back now so he can take me and I prefer knowing you’re keeping an eye on everyone.

Nell: Who are you seeing this time?

Me: It’s my cancer check up with Sophie. She’s going to check the scar is healing and look for any other suspicious moles or marks.

Nell: How are you feeling?

Me: Very nervous, if I’m honest. There are a couple of moles I wouldn’t have thought twice about in the past but now I’m worried they might be cancerous.

Nell: It’s completely normal to worry. Anyone would, especially with your history. Your friends in the cancer group all feel the same way.

Me: Yes. I shall just have to unleash that inner warrior again.

Nell: Exactly. You need to see this check up as a positive thing. They are keeping an eye on you and making sure you are safe and well.

Me: You’re right. Thank goodness for the NHS. It’s always better to know rather than imagine.

Nell: It is. You may have nothing to worry about.

Me: I hope so but I’m preparing myself that they might decide to remove some of them to be on the safe side.

Nell: If they do then we will deal with it just like we did last time.

Me: It really helps knowing you have my back.

Nell: Always, we all do.

Me: Thank you.

Nell: Now, should you be passing a Barks and Spencer we wouldn’t say no to a few treats. Their sandwiches are particularly delicious.

Me: Don’t tell Poppy that.

Nell: Poppy’s choice is smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Me: Right. Sorry.

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