Thursday Reading

Me: I had a dreadful night.

Nell: I know. Just keep reading to us and you will feel better.

Me: It’s actually a rather comforting book, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes. It’s the ideal Mother’s Day present. That’s why we told people about it.

Me: It was kind of Amazon to drop the price.

Nell: Good grief. It has nothing to do with kindness you know. Amazon is a business.

Me: Well, I’m pleased because it is meant to be shared.

Nell: Keep reading then. We just got to a good part.

Me: I think the puppies have fallen asleep.

Nell: They are just happy to be with you and they love the sound of your voice.

Me: I do hope people are enjoying the audio book too. It was such an honour for me to record it with Sunny.

Nell: I’m sure they are.

Me: I had a lovely chat with my little sister Alex yesterday.

Nell: Good.

Me: She is such a sensible, caring girl.

Nell: She’s not really a girl. She’s a grandmother too.

Me: She will always be a girl to me.

Nell: And the puppies will always be puppies.

Me: Yes. Any news on the new dog bed?

Nell: Terry said it’s on its way.

Me: How does Terry know?

Nell: They must use Book a Beefy for their deliveries.

Me: Beefies can’t carry beds.

Nell: No, but they can organise someone else to do it.

Me: I’m glad Gladys was able to organise a full clipping for Alejandro.

Nell: It fell under emergency treatment. You can’t have a half shorn alpaca.

Me: No. Although those half cut hairstyles are still popular with the shaved one side and long the other.

Nell: Don’t even think about it. Now, can you read on, please?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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