John makes a decision

Nell: This is completely unacceptable.

Me: What’s happened?

Nell: The kitchen is full of large animals waiting impatiently for their cookery class to begin and no sign of Poppy.

Me: She’s up in the studio with Harriet sleeping it off.

Nell: What off?

Me: I think she and Babycakes went out after Gladys’s Lindy Hop class.

Nell: There’s a 10pm curfew.

Me: I’m not sure her afternoon tea with John went that well. She seemed a little out of sorts when she got home.

Nell: Yes. I guessed that when she made an extremely hot curry for dinner. David thought the chillies were green beans and ate one by mistake. Malcolm had to rustle up a sweet lassi to take the edge off.

Me: Is that a breed of dog?

Nell: No, it’s a yoghurt based drink. Do keep up.

Me: Oh, I see. Do we know what John said?

Nell: Yes. He has ended the engagement.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: He said he will always love her but the current situation was intolerable for everyone and he was setting her free.

Me: Gosh. I’m surprised she told you all that.

Nell: She didn’t. My friend Pamela the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was sitting at the next table and heard it all.

Me: Even with social distancing?

Nell: She has keen ears. David is the same. He can hear bacon sizzling from miles away.

Me: That’s very sad.

Nell: Yes. Poppy obviously decided to try and forget about John by having a wild night out with Babycakes Gillespie.

Me: I’m not sure it worked.

Nell: No, and in the meantime we have a kitchen full of large animals.

Me: I saw Gladys go in there wearing lycra so maybe they are Gliding instead.

Nell: Gliding? In our kitchen?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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