Me: Why are you and Poppy hiding?

Nell: We are demonstrating Going Under Cover. I am a tablecloth and Poppy is a cushion.

Me: I don’t think it means hiding under something, Nell.

Nell: That’s where you’re wrong. Sometimes it does. Insects are masters of this.

Me: A bit too often for my liking.

Nell: Anyway, Our Penguin has bravely agreed to go undercover to Drake’s Island so he can do some secret filming.

Me: How is he going to do that?

Nell: Disguised as a puffin.

Me: A puffin?

Nell: Yes. The Cat has made him a wonderful false beak. Princess and Knitwear Wolf are taking him to the island now.

Me: Is there any point? Couldn’t he just stay a penguin?

Nell: There are no penguins on Drake’s Island. Do keep up.

Me: There aren’t any puffins either.

Nell: Wrong again. There are plenty of puffins on Lundy Island.

Me: But that’s in North Devon and Drake’s Island is in the South.

Nell: Have you never taken a wrong turning? He’s a lost puffin.

Me: I see.

Nell: Now, according to Henry, the Beefies are having a picnic this afternoon on the island so Benjamin is going to use the opportunity to provoke Stephen Seagull.

Me: Is that really a good idea? He could get nasty.

Nell: That’s what we want. If Our Penguin can film it then we can prove what a nasty piece of work Stephen really is.

Me: But how will they all escape?

Nell: When Benjamin gives the sign the Albatross will cause a diversion and everyone will swoop in.

Me: Hang on. Didn’t I see the Albatross in the kitchen?

Nell: The Air Rescue team aren’t flying in until later. Sea Rescue will circle the island nonchalantly until they arrive.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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