The Case of the Missing Flip Flop

Me: Why are you and Harriet sitting at the top of the stairs?

Nell: We are conducting an important investigation.

Me: Into what?

Nell: The Case of the Missing Flip Flop.

Me: Has someone taken one of Kev’s bathroom slippers again?

Nell: Yes. The remaining flip flop has been carefully placed on the landing chest of drawers for all to see.

Me: Yes. I can see it. Thank you.

Nell: Should the guilty party attempt to climb the stairs carrying the missing flip flop he will be apprehended by Harriet and myself.

Me: I’m guessing you have a suspect.

Nell: Correct.

Me: Might he be Big Brave and Beautiful?

Nell: Possibly. She might, however, be small and fluffy.

Me: Poppy is cooking breakfast with Malcolm.

Nell: Or elderly and deaf.

Me: Mutley is still asleep in his chair.

Nell: It might be large with hooves, although we think it is unlikely.

Me: Alpacas, moose and reindeer are not allowed upstairs.

Nell: Interesting. The culprit could perhaps be feathered.

Me: Malcolm is making pancakes and Timothy is laying the table with Ginger. I think Susan is up at The Nest.

Nell: I think the culprit is likely to be coming upstairs quite soon.

Me: What makes you say that?

Nell: Because Kev is about to start shouting ‘Have you taken my flip flops again?’

Me: So this is a common occurrence?

Nell: It is.

Me: I think it’s a case of a Mistake rather than a Theft.

Nell: You would.

Me: The animal I am thinking of takes footwear to give as a Present. It always brings it back.

Nell: But not always in the same condition.

Me: Shall I go and find Dave then?

Nell: Yes please and hurry because I can hear Kev starting to grumble.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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