You are not going to like this

Me: Where is Harriet?

Nell: She left for Plymouth with Savoiardi a while ago. He has arranged for a boat to take them to France. David was most distressed.

Me: How is a sweet chocolate Labrador going to defeat the mighty NOIR?

Nell: Harriet is wearing a wire under her cloak. As soon as NOIR reveal their dastardly plans MI5 can swoop in and rescue her.

Me: Is Owl Pacino involved then?

Nell: I couldn’t possibly say. Wait. I have a text from Sally.

Me: What’s happened, Nell? You look worried.

Nell: NOIR suspect that there is a traitor and are increasing security. Searches are taking place.

Me: No. Harriet is in danger. They might find the wire.

Nell: Yes. MI5 are trying to get a message to her before the boat leaves.

Me: I hope they do.

Nell: Wait. I’ve got another text. It’s Harriet.

Me: Is she safe?

Nell: Yes. She was able to get off the boat by pleading illness.

Me: Thank goodness.

Nell: Where is David, by the way?

Me: No idea.

Nell: Ask the farm dogs. They usually know what’s going on. Nosey lot.

Me: I’ll be right back.

Nell: Fine. I’m going to finish my Earl Grey tea.

Me: You aren’t going to like this, Nell.

Nell: What?

Me: Dave was seen early this morning speeding away on his motorbike wearing a beret and a false moustache.

Nell: Alone?

Me: No. The Cat was in the sidecar in a sequinned robe carrying your handbag.

Nell: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Me: No helmets and ridiculously overdressed?

Nell: No. They have gone to protect Harriet.

Me: But she is back in Plymouth.

Nell: Yes, and if I’m not mistaken, they are on their way to France.

Me: This isn’t the time to check social media, Nell.

Nell: I am texting Sally. She needs to know what’s happened. Good grief.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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