Harriet is in a huff

Me: What’s the matter with Harriet?

Nell: She is in a huff.

Me: Why? Monday blues?

Nell: No. The Cat has gone over budget on Christmas decorations.

Me: They are lovely though.

Nell: When she voiced her concern at this morning’s management meeting David told her to relax and chill.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: She takes her duty as treasurer very seriously. She always balances the books.

Me: Yes. I admire her as I am rubbish at figures.

Nell: It is not your strong point. Anyway, Alice is doing her best to calm her down and David has apologised.

Me: He is good at that.

Nell: Yes. He has had a lot of practice. She is refusing to talk to him, however. Even when he offered her this week’s pocket money.

Me: That was sweet of him.

Nell: Yes. In theory. In fact he doesn’t actually have any left as he already spent it on pulled pork baps at the Christmas Fair.

Me: With apple sauce?

Nell: What on earth has that got to do with it? Honestly, I despair of you sometimes.

Me: Maybe I should try and mediate.

Nell: Please don’t. Alice has it all under control and Jonathan and Mutley are waiting in the wings with some of Poppy’s shortbread.

Me: I suppose if all else fails Gladys could perform a contemporary dance.

Nell: This is exactly why we are keeping you out of it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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